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Pancakes we all love.

Who doesn't love fluffy pancakes?

I will be sharing a simple pancake recipe, almost guarantee to brighten up your breakfast morning.

Things you will need:

200g top flour

25g full cream milk powder

1 tablespoon double acting baking powder

30g sugar

1 tsp salt

2 large eggs (60g serving size)

250g milk (Or you could use half milk, half buttermilk too!)

60g unsalted butter, melted

1 tsp butter-vanilla essence

A gentle pair of hands!

Combine all dry ingredients.

Bring milk (and buttermilk) to room temperature. Combine if using both.

Beat eggs until foamy, and combine with milk mixture. There is no need to whip the egg whites separately in this recipe.

Add in melted butter, butter-vanilla essence and mix well.

Sift dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and dig a well in the center.

Pour in wet mixture. Fold in gently with a spatula.

The resulting mixture should be smooth, without too many lumps.

Use a good non stick pan and set stove to medium heat.

With a ladle or big spoon, scoop enough to make a 4 inch pancake, or any size to your preference.

Use a ring mold if you prefer a taller and rounder pancake. Remember to grease the ring!

Leave to cook and watch for tiny bubbles on the surface.

Once bubbles start to form, gently flip the pancake and cook for another 2 minutes.

There you go! Let the fluffiness melts in your mouth!

Serve with your favorite fruits, honey or maple syrup.

I will be introducing an interesting sauce soon!

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