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Introduction to Cress a.k.a Microgreens

Back then, I used to purchased pre-packed microgreens from Cold Storage at Great World City. There wasn't much of a choice as it was premixed and not the freshest one could get their hands on. When I did the Monniker event back in May 2017, I was introduced by my best cooking buddy, Felix, to Edmund, the founder of Farm Delight. His cresses are simply amazing! All carefully grown on organic soil, under specific lighting conditions, humidity and temperature. His cresses are sold mainly to Michelin Stars and fine dining restaurants in Singapore. I got my cresses from him on a weekly basis. Apart from how fresh and tasty these cresses are, they are extremely nutritious as well! Each and every cress are unique and have their own specialty taste. Many friends have asked where and how I got my cresses, and after all the pleading, Edmund has finally decided to sell them to the public!

Also, apart from these cresses, there are other herbs and plants such as rosemary, thyme etc. For the time being, these freshly grown cresses are great for private chefs and homecooks enthusiasts!

Depending on the response from the public, there will be further plans to expand the varieties, and collection points! I'll be sharing some of the cresses. So for those who are keen, you have an idea on how and what they are!

Details follow below.

The following cresses are currently available for sale:

Basil Italian







Lemon Balm


Mizuna Red

Mustard Green

Mustard Scarlet

Red Veined Sorrel ($3.50)

Shiso Green

Shiso Red

Pea Tendril


There will be upcoming variants and new cresses coming soon as well!

Each punnet retails at $3.00 , except as listed, and there is a MOQ of 8 punnets.

You can choose up to a maximum of 4 different types of cresses and they come in a nicely fitted cardboard box. Collection can be done at Stray by Fatcat at Orchard Central every Wednesday and Friday between 5-9pm, or from where I stay @Sengkang every Friday from 7-9pm.

All orders can be done via direct Whatsapp to Edmund at 98522318.

Do indicate the following when leaving him a message:

1. Your Name

2. Your order

3. Your preferred collection day and time

4. Recommended by Snowcology Chia (I do not earn any commission. This is to let him know that you have been referred by me. =) )

Payment can be made upon his confirmation of your order via bank transfer to:

DBS Savings Account


For now, we will let the photos do the introduction!

How the set up looks like!

This is how the set up looks like!

Rows and rows of beautiful cresses.

Ok, this is the light that I haven't got used to everytime I am there.

Rock Chives.


Lemon Balm.

Mustard Green.

Mustard Scarlet.

Pea Tendrils.


Red Veined Sorrel.

Shiso Red.


And this is how a punnet looks like!

Oxalis and blossoms. Currently not for sale to the public.

Great Basil blossoms. Currently not for sale to the public.

Anise blossoms. Currently not for sale to the public.

Nasturtiums. Currently not for sale to the public.

Ice Plant. Currently not for sale to the public.

There you have it!

Feel free to leave any comments in the comments section should you have any queries!

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