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Private Dining by Snowcology

About me

I am a dad to 2 preschool boys, a pawrent to 3 dogs and a cat. I started Snowcology to incorporate my culinary works with my pets in the background as a way to remembering them.

My Culinary Journey

I received a 3 stars Michelin recipe book as a gift in 2011. I was truly mesmerized by the beauty and complexity of the dishes in the book and this triggered by passion to cook and plate. Ever since, I have never stopped to improve on my culinary skills.

I am self-taught and have learnt my culinary techniques through recipe books, and from chefs around the world via the internet and my works have gained a following of about 31k on Instagram (@snowcology_). I was also featured in the Straits Times in 2018 for my confit trout.

I have researched and worked on a few cuisines without conforming to trends. During the past 4 years, I have done several private dining for events and corporate clients. I hope to tantalize your taste buds with my "Pretty, Good Foods".

Private Dining Experience

My menu is changed every 2 months and I take a lot of pride in every dishes that I curate; from research to prepping, and finally, plating and serving the foods to your table.

I will also share how the dishes are created, and knowledge about certain techniques, and the various cress and garnishes that I use.


Want to know more about stars of Snowcology?


Come dine with us and meet the pets.

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