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First Hands-on Class at Bosch EC!

Yep! My first official hands-on class at Bosch EC!

I was quite nervous to be honest, and the participants were kind of quiet as well! Took a while to engage them in the cooking activities. Look at their stern face....

Bosch has many baking classes, and a few cooking classes that uses more of the ovens, Bosch kitchen gadgets etc. My style is kind of different, focusing more on food flavors, tips and techniques, and plating of course!

So, I am truly honored that Bosch wanted to collaborate with me despite the fact that I am not their usual kind of "Chef" they are after. Thank you Bosch!

The theme for the hands-on class is "Trend Cafe" where the participants get to cook 2 out of 3 dishes which were given to them prior to vote for.

The 2 dishes at the hands-on were:

Antipasti Basil Pasta and 48hrs spiced pork belly (which is something which I have perfected, at least to me)

These 2 dishes were simplified for the class due to time constraint, else the participants would have to camp a few nights at the EC to prepare them. =)

The elaborated version will be served on the 18th November 2017 for the charity event Snowcology x Bosch x SOSD!

So if you are free that day, just drop by to support, and eat of course!

AND, more demo and hands on class by Snowcology will be coming soon!

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