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Snowy Lobster
Coco pancake
Codi Koi fish


Who is Snowcology?

Snowcology is a daddy to 2 lovely pre-school boys, and a homechef who loves to create dishes with concepts and each dish is paired with either Snowy, Coco or Codi's furry paws! It is also an opportunity for me to keep a portfolio of them together with the dish creations as part of an everlasting memory.

My interest for cooking and plating started when I received a 3-Stars Michelin Restaurant (Eleven Madison Park) recipe book as a gift in 2011 which sparked off my interest in exploring the different cooking techniques, plating with unique concepts, and challenging myself to create fine cuisines at home.

Snowy, Coco & Codi of Snowcology are always curious with the aroma from the kitchen and they sometimes steal a lick (rarely!) when I am not looking. They are rewarded with their favourite treats after every photo shoot.

Read more about Snowy, Coco & Codi in this post.

pretty, good foods

Private Dining

I am self-taught and have learnt my culinary techniques through recipe books, and from chefs around the world via the internet and my works have gained a following of about 31k on Instagram (@snowcology_).

I was also featured in the Straits Times in 2018 for my confit trout.

I am currently also the in-house Chef for Miele, Singapore.


I have researched and worked on a few cuisines without conforming to trends. In the past few years, I have done several private dining for events and corporate clients.

I hope to tantalize your taste buds with my "Pretty, Good Foods".



Home-made Cookies

I usually bake cookies for my family and friends during festive occasions and it has always been well-received!


I have decided to take a bold step to sell these cookies so that you can share it with your loved ones too!


The most sought after is the Coco Chip Cookies! 

A recipe which I have perfected over the years, since 2007. Made through a 3 days process to ensure that every flavor is infused, and every crunchy bite leaves behind a distinctive aroma.

The next favorite is Snowy Butter Cookies which are made using French Butter to impart a light and savoury aftertaste. It literally melts in your mouth!

Culinary Journey

Recipes & Gallery

Cooking has allowed me to get as creative as I can with the different culinary and plating concepts, drawing inspirations from so many talented chefs around the world. My works are showcased on Instagram @snowcology_ and I'd love to share recipes and cooking tips & techniques through my blog posts.

I hope they are of an inspiration for you to try them out too! :)

Read my posts.

View my gallery.

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